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1762-OB16 - Allen-Bradley 1762-OB16 16 Channel | 24 Vdc Output Module Simple...

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Allen-Bradley 1762-OB16 16 Channel | 24 Vdc Output Module Simple Type: Output Module

The 1762 MicroLogix expansion I/O modules are compatible with MicroLogix 1100, MicroLogix 1200, and MicroLogix 1400 controllers. If your application requires more I/O than the built-in I/O provided by the controller, add expansion I/O modules. Install the expansion I/O modules to the right of the controller, either on a panel with two mounting screws or on a DIN rail. You can use digital and analog I/O modules in many combinations, up to the maximum supported by the controller. The current loading capacity of the controller’s built-in power supply may limit the actual number of I/O modules that can be connected to the controller.

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  • Digital, analog, and specialty I/O modules available
  • Finger-safe terminal blocks for I/O wiring
  • Integrated high-performance I/O bus
  • Label to record I/O terminal designations
  • Network support includes EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and DH-485 (local only)
  • Software keying to prevent incorrect positioning within the system


  • Bus Current Load, Max.: 175 mA at 5V DC (0.88 W)
  • Conducted Immunity (IEC 1000-4-6): 10V, 0.15…80 MHzT
  • Continuous Current per Module, Max.: 4.0 A at 55 °C (131°F), 8.0 A at 30 °C (86 °F)
  • Continuous Current per Output, Max.: 0.5 A at 55 °C (131°F), 1.0 A at 30 °C (86 °F)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD), Approx.: 90 x 40 x 87mm (3.543 x 1.575 x 3.425 in.)¬
  • ESD Immunity (IEC 1000-4-2): 4 kV contact, 8 kV air, 4 kV indirect
  • Fast Transient Burst (IEC 1000-4-4): 2 kV, 5 kHz
  • Off-State Leakage Current, Max.: 1 mA
  • Operating Altitude, Max.: 2,000 m (6,561 ft)
  • Operating Humidity: 5…95% (without condensation)
  • Operating Temperature: -20…65 °C (-4…149 °F) (on selected modules)
  • Operating Voltage Range: 20…26.4V DC
  • Outputs: 16
  • Radiated and Conducted Emissions: EN50081-2 Class A
  • Radiated Immunity (IEC 1000-4-3): 10V/m, 80-1000 MHz, 80% amplitude modulation, +900 MHz keyed carrier
  • Shock, nonoperating: 40 g panel mounted, 30 g DIN rail mounted
  • Shock, operating: 30 g panel mounted, 20 g DIN-rail mounted
  • Shock, Relay Operation: 7.5 g panel mounted, 5 g DIN rail mounted
  • Surge Immunity (IEC 1000-4-5): 2 kV common mode, 1 kV differential mode
  • Vibration, Operating: 10…500 Hz, 5 g, 0.015 in peak-to-peak
  • Vibration, Relay Operation: 2 g
  • Voltage Category: 24V DC source



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